About Mint Tech Labs

Mint Tech Labs is a software development company dedicated to creating world leading applications for the Film Industry.

Our iPhone and iPad Applications comprise of a Phone Emulator, a Video Player, and a Color Generator.

These tools give film professionals the ability to quickly create, edit, and operate smartphone simulations for on-set use.


Motion Picture iDevice EmulatorMotionPiE is a powerful smartphone emulator. Whether you are an on-set Video Playback Operator, Prop-Master or an Indie Filmmaker, this powerful App is an indispensable part of your toolbox. Use our pre-built templates, or upload your own image and video files to create your own phone simulation. Save your scene and make UNLIMITED changes before final export. Many more features are included in this one-of-a-kind application. At a fraction of the cost, MotionPIE transforms the process of creating smartphone and tablet graphics from one that takes hours to one that takes minutes.


Motion Picture Color GeneratorMotionPCG is a solid color generator, often used to display a Green Screen with or without Tracking Markers. A Color Palette is available to give the operator full control over which color or shade to display. Thanks to our Screen Lock feature the screen can be tapped without User Interface getting in the way. The ability to turn the Proximity Sensor on/off adds that extra level of realism to the illusion we are creating on set.


Motion Picture Video PlayerMotionPVP is a menu-less video player. Features include seamless looping, portrait and landscape orientation, three full-screen modes (LetterBox, PanScan and Stretch), and much more. The screen lock feature allows actors to tap the screen without the UI popping up. Most noteworthy is the control MotionPVP puts at the fingertips of on-set operators over what would otherwise be automated features.